Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. 

I provide tools and vocabulary to deal effectively at the hot, high intensity moment, when behavior is driven by emotion and spikes in anxiety.  For an idea of my approach, please visit my website and click on “Getting a Grip in High Intensity Moments.” 

I am a cognitive behavioral therapist with a solution-focused, strength-based approach.  I work with individuals and couples on anger management, communication, and, relationship issues enhancing their connection to each other.   I coach executives to develop and realize their vision of growth in both their business, professional, and personal lives.

I have unique tools for navigating destructive patterns.  I help people manage angry behavior and anxiety in real-time at high-stress moments when feeling out of control, to communicate more effectively, have more satisfying relationships in every domain of their life, and address stresses that often accompany city life.  If you are looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation, or a behavior pattern that is holding you back, are ready to move in a new direction or explore opportunities, I look forward to working together to guide you in identifying and achieving your goals.  I can be contacted for an individual or couples therapy, or executive coaching, today.   I combine conventional and alternative treatments, and a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful. I sometimes assign homework. With sensitivity and compassion, I guide one toward his or her unique vision and ways of achieving it.

My aim is to relieve current distress first.   In the process I work with you on determining your goals if they are not already clear,  guide you  toward meeting those goals, and where necessary to the journey, look into your past to see how it happened that you developed as you did.  Knowing the "why" behind who we are is not always a guarantee that you will know HOW to become the person we believe you can be.   I can help you become that person.

Please call or email me for individual and couples therapy, executive coaching, or anger management classes today. 

I see you remotely on your preference of FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom.  Or else, we can meet in person on Mondays in my office, at 425 East 86th Street, a pre-war apartment building between First and York Avenues (a bit closer to First).   When you enter the lobby and turn to the right, you'll see Suite 1D, a waiting room, 2 bathrooms, and a nest of offices.   I would come out to greet you.

My Office Location

Accessible to New York Metro Area - MTA Trains #4, 5, 6 & Q, M86 Crosstown Bus




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